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Web resources and literature on CHWs:

American Public Health Association - 2009 Policy Statement on CHWs:  -  2014 Policy Statement on CHW self-determination:

CDC e-learning series “Promoting Policy and Systems Change to Expand Employment of CHWs:”

CHW Legislation Tracking page, Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (current): and click on “Licensure & Certification – All States”

AMA House of Delegates: Report of Council on Medical Service, “Incorporating Community Health Workers into the US Health Care System” Nov. 2015 (p. 146):

Pittman M.  “Bringing Community Health Workers into the Mainstream of U.S. Health Care.” National Academy of Medicine, Feb 2015.

National Community Health Advisor Study (Univ. of Arizona, 1998):

CHW National Workforce Study for HRSA/BHPr released May 2007

Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health CHW Report to the Legislature “CHWs: Improving HealthCare and Public Health” presented January 2010:

New York State CHW Initiative report: “Paving a Path to Advance The CHW Workforce In NY State” -

USDHHS, Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation.  “Community Health Workers: Roles And Opportunities In Health Care Delivery System Reform” -

CDC “Policy Evidence Assessment Report: CHW Policy Components” (2014):

National Academy for State Health Policy.  “Community Health Workers in the Wake of Health Care Reform: Considerations for State and Federal Policymakers.”  Nov. 2015.

Rosenthal EL, Brownstein JN, Rush CH et al. “CHWs: Part of the Solution.”  Health Affairs, July 2010.

National Association of Community Health Centers.  State Policies and Strategies that Impact Community Health Workers at Health Centers (Spotlight on States #8). Aug 2015:

Proceedings of CHW research agenda conference published October 2007

“Advancing Community Health Worker Practice and Utilization: The Focus on Financing” - National Fund for Medical Education, 2006:

Community Health Worker National Education Collaborative (funded by U. S. Department of Education thru the University of Arizona):

2008 briefing papers on CHWs from the National Conference of State Legislatures:  (2-page) and (12-page)

CDC Policy Toolkit  on CHWs:

National CHW provider classification for billing:  look under “Other Service Providers” (scroll halfway down the list)for code “172V00000X” at:

AHRQ 2010 Community HUB Model Manual “Connecting Those at Risk to Care” -

Systematic reviews of CHW literature:

  Lewin SA, Babigumira SM, Bosch-Capblanch X, Aja G, van Wyk B, Glenton C, Scheel I, Zwarenstein M, Daniels K. Lay health workers in primary and community health care: A systematic review of trials.  Cochrane Reviews Nov 2006.

Swider SM. Outcome Effectiveness of Community Health Workers: An Integrative Literature Review. Pub Health Nurs Jan-Feb 2002 19 (1):11-20

Viswanathan M, Kraschnewski J, Nishikawa B, Morgan LC, Thieda P, Honeycutt A, et al. Outcomes of community health worker interventions. Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; 2009. Report No.: 09-E014.

Brownstein JN, Bone LR, Dennison CR, Hill MN, Kim MT, Levine DM. Community Health Workers as Interventionists in the Prevention and Control of Heart Disease and Stroke. Am J Prev Med 2005;29(5S1):128–133.

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council Public Meeting – June 28, 2013. Community Health Workers: A Review of Program Evolution, Evidence on Effectiveness and Value, and Status of Workforce Development in New England - Final Report – July 2013.


Florida CHW Certification Program:

New Mexico CHW Certification Program:

Texas CHW Certification Program:

Ohio CHW Certification Program:

Oregon House Bill 3407 (2013):

New Mexico Senate Bill 58 (2014):

Maryland Senate Bill 592 (2014):

Illinois House Bill 5412 (2014):

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